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Baby Talas' Survival and Tragic Death

A Heartbreaking Tale from Rafah

April 22, 2024 | 8:46 AM EDT | CBS News

A newborn baby, Talas, who was still in the womb when her mother was killed by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza, has passed away 18 days later. Her miraculous survival had given hope to the people of Rafah, but her untimely demise has plunged them into despair.

Talas' mother, a 38-year-old pregnant woman, was killed in the airstrike on April 4th, which also claimed the lives of at least 20 other Palestinians. Talas, who was born prematurely, was found alive amid the rubble. She was immediately taken to a hospital, where she received medical treatment.

Despite the initial optimism, Talas' condition deteriorated rapidly. She was born with a severe head injury and other complications. According to doctors, the injuries she sustained from the airstrike were too severe for her tiny body to overcome.

Talas' death is a tragic loss for her family and community. Her miraculous survival had briefly brought hope to a region ravaged by violence and conflict. However, her passing serves as a reminder of the devastating impact of war on innocent lives.